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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Appalachian Trail (Spring 2011)

So I'm currengtly in the beginning stages of planning a 32.5 mile hike along the Appalachian Trail from Fontana Dam to Clingman's Dome. There will be a total elevation gain of roughly 4,868 feet from the start. The plan is as it stands right now to have friends/family drop myself and whoever ends up coming with me off at Fontana Dam early in the day and hiking to the Russell Field Shelter. From there we will hike to the Cold Spring Knob Shelter. The last day we will hike the remaining way to Clingman's Dome where I intend to have a ride waiting for us to go back into town and complete my first portion of the A/T.

Start: Fontana Dam, Elevation: 1775'

Day 1: Fontana Dam to Russell Field Shelter, Distance: 13.2mi, Elevation 4,364', Gain in Elevation: 2,589', Estimated Time: 5-6hrs.

Day 2: Russell Field Shelter to Derrick Knob Shelter, Distance 7.7mi, Ele...vation: 4,868, Gain in Elevation: 504', Estimated Time: 3-4hrs.

Day 3: Derrick Knob Shelter to Clingman's Dome, Distance: 11.5mi, Elevation: 6,643', Gain in Elevation: 1775', Estimated Time: 4-5hrs

Total Distance: 32.4
Total Gain in Elevation: 4,868'

As far as gear, I am a huge fan of packing as light as possible. However, "Pack light, Freeze at night." I will update this with what I will be taking and feel free to offer up any suggestions that you may have. My max pack weight will end up being no more than 20lbs or so I hope.

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